Coated toothbrush!? What is microscopic processed technology?

It is a new technology of coating bristles with nano-sized microscopic minerals, developed by an artisan born and raised in Japan. With this innovative technology, the artisan dreamed of purifying anything using the power of “minerals” beneficial to the human body and our natural habitat, thus contributing to the creation of an environmentally friendly society.
By clicking the image on the right, you can see the microscopic technology process created by YUME SHOKUNIN. See the difference of how the toothbrush with microscopic mineral-coated bristles polishes the surface, versus a toothbrush without the coating.

1. Each brush lifts stains. The minerals guard against new stains.

Each 0.178mm DuPont brush is microscopically processed. While brushing your teeth, stains and plaque are removed and cleaned off. Then, a smooth coating is applied to the teeth, preventing new stains.

2. Perfect pressure adjusted by the curved body!

The curved body in the back is the proof of high technology made in Japan. This curve creates the perfect pressure, without damaging the mouth, and cleaning completely in the most desired way.

3. It is “minerals,” so dip and brush!

We recommend our original brushing method of “dipping the head of the toothbrush into the cup and cleaning” in order to experience the full benefits of the microscopic minerals embedded on the bristles. It is a refreshing brushing experience that leaves a smooth, clean finish made possibly only by the MISOKA toothbrush created by YUME SHOKUNIN. A feeling so different from any normal toothbrush you may have used before!
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Special instructions:
  1. Wash the brush after each use.
  2. Dry the toothbrush well and keep it in a well-ventilated place.
  3. Change your MISOKA toothbrush once a month for maximum benefits.
  4. Gum damage may occur with excessive brushing or too much pressure.
  5. Individual result may vary.

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Q Do I have to brush my teeth as indicated on the box?
A There is no problem with brushing your teeth the normal way, but by dipping the head of the toothbrush into the cup, and then rinsing after, the cleansing sensation is doubled by the dissolved microscopic minerals in the water.
Q Can I use toothpaste?
A We have developed a new concept toothbrush aimed at creating a cleaner world, but if you prefer, you can use toothpaste. Using toothpaste does not affect the microscopic minerals.
Q Do I have to change the MISOKA toothbrush every month?
A Like with a normal toothbrush, the bristles of MISOKA wear out in one month’s time. Therefore, we suggest renewing your MISOKA once a month.
Q Can I use MISOKA for children?
A Yes, it is safe for children to use MISOKA. Every member of the artisan’s family uses MISOKA and none of them have cavities.
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